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Covid-19 Manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment
Covid-19 Manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment
Covid-19 Manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment

Packaging manufacturers are considered essential so we have been open for business while taking steps to protect our workforce.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have the majority of the office staff successfully working from home and the plant has taken steps to distance themselves.

The University of Rochester sent out a call for help on March 24th to local companies looking for assistance with manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) for local hospital staff. Orcon responded to the U of R by manufacturing 20,000 pieces of plastic and other components required to make face shields in three days. Since then we have manufactured an additional 20,000 with plans to provide even more materials.

Covid-19 PPE ManufacturerThese face shields protect the eyes of the wearer and also the cloth masks which are in short supply.

We are proud of our contributions and are ever so thankful for our employees and the local suppliers who made this possible.

We take this COVID-19 pandemic seriously and are so grateful for being able to help protect the community. These are incredibly important times to protect one another. Thank you for doing your part in social distancing, cancelling gatherings, and now wearing masks in public. Let’s continue to slow the spread & flatten the curve of this pandemic.

Together we are #RochesterStrong.

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