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From basic shipping crates to the most elaborate show crates, we’ll work with you to design and produce to satisfy your requirements.

on-site custom crating

On-Site Crating

We will send a team to your site to build custom pallets, protective wraps such as VCI papers, and Mil-B 131 foil laminates and crating to completely protect your machinery in shipping.

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Wood Containers

Wood crates and containers are an extremely versatile packaging solution.

Examples of wood containers and crates

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wood crates for shipping

Custom Pallets

Pallets protect goods, expedite the loading and unloading process, and pack and store more compactly. Using skid mates we create pallets to handle the most fragile machinery.

Using a pallet that is sized and designed to properly support your goods:

  • Better protects and supports your goods
  • Reduces damage to fragile machines, parts, or products
  • Optimizes space in your warehouse and trucks
  • Cuts costs because you only pay for the materials and size/weight capacity you need
  • Improves safety because the pallet properly supports the weight you need

Custom pallets help those in these industries:

  • Transportation industries
  • Glass industries
  • Wholesale trade industries
  • Consumer goods industries
  • Warehousing industries
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