Engineered Packaging Solutions

Custom containers for complex packaging requirements

engineered packaging

OrCon Industries designs, prototypes, tests, and engineers highly complex and customized packaging solutions for industries that manufacture and transport high-end, fragile materials.

With a combination of packaging experience, engineering expertise, and world-class technology, we help manufacturers discover cost-effective solutions that provide superior protection for their products.

Whether you’re looking to ship components across the country or handle materials within your own facility, OrCon Industries has experience devising engineered packaging solutions for hundreds of applications.


Packaging Solutions for Challenging Industries

One size does not fit all

engineered packaging

OrCon Industries is best suited to provide engineered packaging solutions for industries that have fragile, heavy, or unusually shaped packages, or exceptionally unique requirements.

No two industries are the same, let alone the products within each, yet having exposure to a diverse range of applications and requirements gives our engineers an incredible amount of insight into possibilities for cost-efficient solutions.

Industries That Rely On OrCon
automotive and transportation
→ electronics
→ military
→ health care
→ glass (flat and automotive)
large medical device packaging

ISTA Testing

Helping you optimize packaging effectiveness

OrCon is an ISTA-certified laboratory, giving us the ability to design robust packaging for our clients while efficiently verifying its performance capabilities.

Our in-house testing supports ISTA standards up to Procedure 1A, outlined as follows:

  • Verifies packaging strength and reliability for shipped products up to 150 lbs. (68 kg) in weight;
  • Compares performance standards of alternate packaging methods and materials;
  • Measures temperature/humidity conditions, plus shock and vibration resistance.

Package Engineering Team

Experienced Matters

engineered packaging design

Decades of experience helps OrCon lead the packaging industry.

Our team of packaging experts stays up-to-date with the most efficient and cost-effective design techniques.  Each year we send our crew to conferences like Pack Expo International and Foam Expo to learn from thought-leaders in the industry.

What is a Packaging Engineer?

Packaging engineers design, develop, and produce packaging solutions for almost any product or good you can name. The packaging engineer’s primary goal when designing a new packaging solution is to create a package that will protect the good for as long as possible for as little cost as possible.

They consider all the factors that go into good industrial packaging design and develop a solution that is custom-built for your goods. This saves you money both in terms of packaging cost and cost of replacing goods that were damaged in shipping.

Design Technology

Efficient and effective design

engineered packaging design technology

The products you need to ship and handle are complex, so we work with the CAD program SOLIDWORKS because it allows us to design containers that fit the exact specifications of the product.

You can send in CAD designs of your product, which allows us to upload these files into SOLIDWORKS and design around the product for maximal first-time quality and shorter cycle times.

Technology like this allows us to tackle the most complex packaging challenges in your industry.  Talk with an engineer about potential solutions for your application.

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