How to Choose the Right Packaging Solution for Large Products

large packaging solutions
large packaging solutions
large packaging solutions

Figuring out the right packaging solutions for your bulky and large products can be a challenge. If you want your items to ship securely and safely, it’s important to pick the right type of packaging. Here’s our guide for packing and shipping your heavy-duty products.

Important Packaging Considerations

Taking precautions is important when shipping any type of product, but massive items are a whole other story. There are so many problems you must consider when shipping sizeable products, including:

    • Size and Shape: Large and unwieldy items are hard to prepare for shipment, especially if they have weird shapes. Safe shipping requires the right type of packaging, especially if you have concerns about any irregular edges that may get damaged during the shipping process.
    • Weight: Big items are usually also heavy. If you use flimsy packaging, it may break and increase the risk product damage.
    • Handling: Your huge packages need to be lifted and transported by machines and humans to get to their destinations. Whether a team of workers are hoisting your item into the back of a track or a forklift is storing it in a shipping warehouse, your product packaging needs to be safe and durable.
    • Transportation Methods: Certain products may need different forms of transportation. For example, you may want to go with a ship, plane, or truck. The way your items will be transported will be a big factor in what type of product packaging you choose.
    • Testing: It is best for shipping materials to undergo rigorous tests to ensure they’re durable. Unfortunately, a lot of gigantic materials can’t always be tested in traditional lab settings. Shipping your products with untested packaging may leave them at risk.

You’ll need to keep all of these factors in mind when considering packaging solutions for large items.

Exterior Packaging Solutions

The protection of your items during transport should be your main concern when choosing a packing material. Here are some of your options:

  • Pallets and Skids: Pallets are great for keeping items upright during transport and skids make moving large items easier. These can be made of plastic or wood.
  • Steel Containers and Racks: Steel solutions will withstand rough transportation and protect your products.
  • Plastic Packaging Containers: If you want something user-friendly, customizable, easy to clean, and lightweight, you may consider a plastic packing system.
  • Wooden Frames: Wooden storage solutions are sturdy and durable. Some frames are customizable and certain crates are collapsible.

Here at OrCon, we can assist you in creating a packaging solution that works for your large and heavy products.

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