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Testing up to Procedure 1A (up to 150 lbs and we are partnered with a lab that does testing beyond this. Please inquire.)

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Damaged products:

  • Are costly mistakes that may require reproduction of the product
  • Negatively impact your consumer’s confidence in you
  • Harm your reputation as a manufacturer of quality products

OrCon is an ISTA-certified laboratory, so we are able to efficiently validate that our robust packaging solutions will thoroughly protect our clients’ products.

ISTA Specifications

ISTA develops protocols for testing package performance in different environments for resisting climate conditions, shock, and vibration. These tests are suited to products packaged as individual units and are designed for common carrier shipments, such as shipment via USPS or FedEx.

ISTA testing can only be completed by certified laboratories that meet ISTA’s equipment standards and are recertified every two years to maintain ISTA’s high standards.

ISTA Tests Performed at OrCon

OrCon has a certified lab, so we are authorized to test for ISTA standards up to Procedure 1A:

Verifies packaging strength and reliability for shipped products up to 150 lbs. (68 kg) in weight
Compares performance standards of alternate packaging methods and materials
Measures temperature/humidity conditions, plus shock and vibration resistance

You can even establish definitions and acceptable levels of product damage as well as standards for the final condition of the packaging itself at delivery.

Benefits from ISTA Testing

Increase Product Safety in Transit

ISTA tests ensure that your product will reach its destination with little to no harm to the product.

Reduce Costly Packaging Waste

Overpackaging your product creates more cost in materials and shipping. With ISTA testing, we calculate exactly how much packaging is needed to efficiently protect your product.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers will be pleased when they receive your products unharmed. ISTA testing can also reduce the need for multiple trial shipments, so your customers get new products faster.

Protect Your Company

When your packaging is ISTA-approved, you strengthen your position in claims negotiations.

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